Family Council is pleased to provide this nonpartisan voter’s guide.

Family Council surveyed candidates with opponents in the March 5, 2024, Preferential Primary Elections.

Each candidate for federal, state, or legislative office was asked to respond to a set of statements by indicating whether they “support,” “oppose,” or are “undecided” about each particular statement.

“Support” means the candidate supports the statement.  

“Oppose” means the candidate opposes the statement.  

“Undecided” means the candidate is undecided about the statement. 

Many candidates chose to clarify their responses by making comments.   Candidates who did not complete the survey were provided multiple opportunities to complete the survey online or in print.

Family Council does not endorse candidates.  

We are pleased to provide this forum for candidates to express their views on a wide range of important issues. 

Our mission is to help voters educate themselves.

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