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1. Abortion: The 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision.
2. Guns: Confiscation of firearms from citizens that the government deem a danger to themselves or others, otherwise known as red flag laws.
3. Marijuana: Amending the Arkansas Constitution to legalize recreational marijuana.
4. Taxes: Amending the Arkansas Constitution in 2020 to indefinitely continue the current 0.5% sales and use tax for road construction.
5. Hate Crimes: Increased penalties for crimes committed because of the victim’s race, gender, or sexual orientation.
6. Conscience: Allowing healthcare professionals to opt out of non-emergency treatments and procedures that violate their deeply-held religious, moral, or ethical convictions.
7. Education: Allowing parents to enroll their child in the public school of their choice anywhere in Arkansas.